How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 7, The Keating 5 settle accounts, our criticism

Cinema 5 November, 2016

how-to-get-away-with-murder-saison-3-episodeNew week, new episode of Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder on ABC! Discover it not our criticism of “Call It Mother’s Intuition” and attention to spoilers.

Last night ABC offered us a new episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder and after you have unveiled an extract in which Nate threatened Wes , now is our criticism of “Call It Mother’s Intuition” we offer . Beware of spoilers! In episode 7, the flash-forwards to the night of the fire revealed that Wes is safe but it is about to do something that could completely change the rest of the series. In fact the young man made a deal with the police and wants to reveal all the secrets of Annalise – already imprisoned because of him – against immunity . Suffice to say that the stakes are high and you wonder if it is still there for the bitterness of the young man following the death of Rebecca or Annalise has struck again. In the present, Wes is still with the police but much less cooperative as he continues to lie to them about the murder of Wallace Mahoney. The arrest of his son Charles Mahoney could have been the perfect solution (Frank thank you), but obviously things are not so simple …

After Charles had found an alibi, Wes finds herself again suspect panic and returns to the Keating Five who fear that all their stories will come to light. This causes a chain reaction among students who are in Annalise and take to empty their bag . A bag full of dirty laundry they are long enough after the violence of their words. The timing is difficult but could be effective and allow the group to start again on new bases if Annalise continue on this path. For after having handed the stick to be beaten, counsel indeed finally decided to take the outstretched hand of the director of the university Soraya Hargrove who seems determined to help. Their interesting dynamic and moving speech during the meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous gives us anyway want to know more about it. His words about motherhood have also echoed the whole theme of the episode and in particular to the case of the week.

The Keating Five and the other students were in charge of defending siblings accused of poisoning their mother’s manipulative and of course the parallel between that awful mother and Annalise was easy to trace. Yet it is on the road to redemption that was Annalise this week, and we are pretty happy. At the student level, things are going rather well also because the relationship of Laurel and Wes seems to consolidate while Oliver and Connor finally closer to our delight. The only problem comes from Bonnie and Frank who find themselves in end of the episode to better exit in a sad scene to see when we know that they were so happy to see a few episodes earlier … Anyway, ABC gave us as usual a rich episode twists and focused on the dynamic between the characters and especially their way to each changing, slowly but surely, in the group. Meanwhile the episode next week, discover the ranking of the series in our Top Series of the month of October 2016 ! And you, what did you think of the episode?