How to Get Away with Murder Season 3: Episode 8, mortal back in the promo video!

Cinema 5 November, 2016

Next week, ABC will broadcast the episode 8 of Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, which is revealed in a first promo video!

how-to-get-away-with-murder-saison-3-episodeHe’s back! This week, the US network ABC aired episode 7 of Season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, for which we dévoilions our criticism . An episode succeeds (as always) who offered us a huge twist! Wes is not the victim of house fire Annalise. However, it acts traitor, with the intention of dropping his teacher, subject to obtaining full immunity with the prosecutor’s office! What happened to that we get there? Connor is it the victim, or is Nate, see Frank? The episode next week, entitled “No More Blood” , we should offer the first answers. As we see, it will be dedicated to the return of Frank, so we wonder if it is not he who started the fire.

As we promo video ad, with him, it’s hell that will befall our hero! At the end of the previous episode, he made his appearance at Lauren, and with these images, we understand that it is committed to spend the night with her. But we will also have the right to highly anticipated showdown between him and Annalise! A memorable scene in perspective! The tension is at its highest since this will be the last episode before we discovered that our heroes died in the fire! Prepare handkerchiefs. Lately, Aja Naomi King said that “Asher and Michaela need one of the other” in season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder. What do you expect from the next episode?