How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 “? Who’s Dead” Episode 9, Annalise hunted and Nate suspiciously in two extracts

Cinema 17 November, 2016

Hours before the broadcast of the final mid-season to season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, discover two excerpts from “Who’s Dead?”

how-to-get-away-with-murder-saison-3-episodeThere are only a few hours to wait and then you revealed that there is little about Charlie Weber that Frank’s death would be huge if it happened in season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder , what are now two extracts from the episode tonight that we offer. As you already know, episode 9, entitled “Who’s Dead” will be the last this year as it is the final mid-season. We can already expect surprises galore and above all, the revelation of the first big mystery of the season: who died in the fire house Annalise Keating and is under the sheets since the beginning of the season ? The first single we do not learn much about the case but confirms us one thing, Annalise is closely followed by the assistant prosecutor Rene Atwood was going up in her hair salon to learn about it.
Although both women are eager to show cordial towards each other, one suspects that something is going on and that this may end up leading to a real settlement accounts thereafter. The second sneak peek of the episode shows Wes continues to be involved with Mahoney Wallace case. What he did not yet see is Nate that monitors behind a window .. . Decidedly the Nate / Rene couple reveals much more involved than one would have thought and they seem to lead their small survey their separate ways. Although these two extracts from the episode does not tell us much, we must admit that this gives us not wait for tonight and to finally know who will die in the episode. The list of potential victims was much reduced and it is assumed that it is mainly played between Frank and Nate … Patience, waiting to know who will stay on ABC , the promotional photos of the mid-season finale of season 3 d ‘How to Get Away with Murder are already available on melty! What do you expect from tonight’s episode?