How to get Away with Murder Season 4: 5 answers we want to have in the next episodes!

Cinema 7 March, 2017

A few months before the return of Annalise and Keating 4 for season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder, we listed a few questions to be answered.
That’s after an exciting season Annalize Keating and her students bowed out a few weeks ago and it will take a while to find them in the TGIT on ABC on Thursday night. When you were told more about the season 4 release date of How to Get Away with Murder , we come back to you today with a list of five questions you hope to have answered in the first episodes of The next season. As usual the showrunner Peter Nowalk left us in the blur and it is never the mysteries that are missing in this series. The first answer we would like to have concerns the final season. Who is this famous Dominic? Engaged by Laurel’s father to kill Wes, Karla Souza (Laurel) has already told the Hollywood Reporter that he was actually more of Laurel’s friend than his father … Former boyfriend? Friend of the family? Hopefully we’ll know quickly.
Question 2: Where will the next season take place? Now that we know that Wes’ real murderer is Laurel’s father, it could lead us to explore other horizons and that’s what Peter Nowalk likes. “It’s something that will take us outside the small world of Annalise to explore the world of this telecommunication tsar and all the power it gives him . ” So it may be that we venture a bit outside of Philadelphia in the sequel and it is not to displease us. It remains to be seen how the showrunner would justify great displacements for his characters who are still in the university. Our third question concerns the relations in the series .
The fourth thing we would like to know concerns the plot . We know that the famous Dominic was also in contact with the assistant Attorney Denver, which means that many people seem to be involved in the death of Wes and that all this could be much more important than it seems. How far back the plot? Does Laurel’s father know Denver? Is this all related to the Mahoney? The last answer that we would like to have concerns Annalize Keating, always masterfully interpreted by Viola Davis . What will be his role in Season 4? Will she still be so central or will she be lightly set aside for profit and Laurel, whose father is responsible for Wes’s death? In addition, Will she find a normal life or will she stay with her students to continue investigating Wes’ death? The second possibility seems to be the most likely … Waiting to learn more, we wondered if Wes would be present in season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder . And you, what would you like to know?