How to make your favourite takeaway foods at home

Entertainment 3 January, 2020

One of the best ways to end a long week at work is to do a quick search online to find a good takeaway like Jollibee and then sit back with a film and unwind. This is a fairly safe habit, as long as it remains a treat. The thing with convenient food being delivered to your doorstep is that it can be easy to slip into the habit of ordering a takeaway multiple times a week. This is when things get more dangerous. Ordering food three or four times a week is not only damaging to your health but also to your wallet. Takeaway food is notoriously unhealthy, with the a few culprits being pizza, burgers and Chinese all being very high in fat and calories. In addition, with the amount that you spend on a takeaway for two, you could feed yourself for a week with the same money will a carefully planned grocery shop. With this, here are some ideas for making your favourite takeaway foods at home.

The Starbucks alternative

Takeaway coffee could be the biggest drainer of money that people don’t think about. If you buy a coffee and a snack for breakfast every day from a coffee shop like Starbucks you are spending thousands of dollars every year for a relatively simple treat. Save your wallet and your heart by making your coffee and breakfast at home. You don’t need to drink the cheapest coffee in the store, and a good coffee machine with freshly ground coffee can make coffee that is both delicious and easier on your bank account. For breakfast keep it simple, eggs are very fast and quick to cook and are a good amount healthier than sugar-loaded cereal.

Make your own pizza

Homemade pizza is much easier to make than you might think, and in the time, it would take to have a pizza delivered you could have easily made something at home. Start with a homemade pizza base which takes little effort, and then think about your toppings. Get a range of options in so that you can experiment and change the flavours up as so go. Some staples are a good tomato base, which you can make yourself or buy from the store, and then a selection of cheese for the top. Mozzarella is a classic as is a mild cheddar. After this it is up to you, choose from meats and vegetables and then throw it in a hot oven for just a few minutes to have perfect pizza waiting for you.

Fish and chips at home

The British takeaway fish and chips is classic comfort food but is all deep fried in fat and generally in large enough portions to serve a small family. Make this healthier by cooking up your own chips from chopped potatoes and gook them in the oven with lots of seasoning and a little olive oil to crisp them up. For the fish use a simple breadcrumb and egg combination and bake in the oven for a healthier but delicious fish and chip meal. Add some mushy peas and salt and vinegar on the side to complete the experience.