How to overcome an infidelity ?

Health 15 January, 2018

Published the 15.01.2018 at 21h14


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It is a shock. Regardless of the circumstances of its revelation, the infidelity of your spouse hurts. This is all the depth of an intimate relationship has been betrayed.
Under the blow of anger, one can be led to act impulsively, without thinking. However, rush headlong often results in regrets and does not make the situation worse.

Take a step back from his emotions

Whatever your choice, it is important not to be blinded by his pain and the shock of betrayal. Analyze the situation in its entirety and take a step back on his own emotions will give you the strength to act according to what you are really feeling and with maturity.

Communicate in a constructive way

Once the shock had passed, communicate with your partner, it is essential to overcome the test of adultery. To be effective, the dialogue must occur in an environment calm and conducive to trust.
It is essential to understand what could have happened, and what were the reasons for this betrayal. If you feel that the emotion is still too strong in you, take a step back and the physical distance during the time that you feel necessary.

Rebuild and forgive

To forgive is the most difficult step but it is mainly that which will allow you to move forward and overcome really infidelity. Accept his mistakes and those of the other can put aside his ego and rebuild the relationship on a new basis, exceeding the mistakes of the past.
For some couples, a force for dialogue and questioning, adultery can become a new breath.

Take time to two

To overcome such a test takes time and requires a lot of communication and kindness. If you are unable to put aside your resentment and your pride, please do not hesitate to call a therapist for couples that will help you to engage in dialogue and, eventually, to forgive.