How to recognize a harassment ?

Health 3 February, 2018


Published the 03.02.2018 to 09: 00


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The harassment is reflected not only by small attacks repeated regularly, but also by a sense of ill treatment, insult, humiliation and psychological suffering over the long term. In contrast to a situation of simple conflict, the harasser refuses the communication, leaving his victim in his suffering. The attack is never really very serious, harassment installs in general insidiously. It is especially the repetition of the facts, whether of words, behaviors, or criticisms that characterizes it.

What are the consequences of harassment ?

The humiliation, the criticism, the behavior or words are evil and abusive may have several consequences on the victim of a stalker :

  • A progressive isolation against his or her will;
  • A feeling of guilt and loss of self-confidence;
  • A fear of reprisals;
  • The impression of never doing enough;
  • The feeling of humiliation, sometimes in front of other people.

What are these signs that allow to recognize a harassment. The remarks and the handling is very difficult to recognize for someone outside because the stalker wants to keep his “toy” for him.

How to break free of a stalker ?

It is never too late to get out of the isolation and the support of his family, his friends, his superiors at work, or on a health-care professional (general practitioner, occupational physician, school nurse, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc.). Out of the silence, it is setting the limits and expose the abnormal behaviour of her stalker for the spiral stops with you, and perhaps others. Do not be fooled and find help with both psychological and legal, if necessary. A mediation by a third party can sometimes be used to correct misunderstandings and to protect you.