How You Can Really Make Use of – and Benefit from – CBD Oil

Health 1 November, 2019

CBD oil has taken the world by storm, and this increasingly well-known derivative of the CBD compound of the hemp plant has already gained a lot of enthusiastic users in different parts of the globe. The thing about CBD oil is that there may be a lot more information on it today, but there is still plenty of information that researchers are trying to find out. But one thing’s for sure: CBD oil looks like it’s here to stay. If you’re thinking about trying CBD oil for yourself or someone you know, it pays to learn as much about the compound as you can, doesn’t it? Here, then, is how you can really make use of – and benefit from – CBD oil.

The natural management of anxiety and stress

If you make it a point to take CBD oil daily, you may be able to reduce or decrease your body’s natural response to stress and anxiety. In a study done nine years ago, in 2010, it was found that oral dosage of CBD (400 mg) could potentially reduce the symptoms of human social anxiety disorder. In another study, which was published in 2011 in Neuropsychopharmacology, they found that patients suffering from social anxiety disorder who took a dose of CBD (600 mg) an hour and a half prior to participating in an exercise which often triggered stress showed a reduction in their level of anxiety and showed less discomfort as well as cognitive impairment when they were faced with a social setting.

Ideally, CBD oil should work just when you need it the most, and this can potentially bring you back into the right balance of emotions. CBD may be able to help the brain access as well as decrease the breakdown of various chemicals such as anandamide and serotonin, which can result in more relaxation and a feeling of joy and much less anxiety and stress.

The reduction of inflammation and pain

In other research, it has been suggested that a sublingual or under-the-tongue dosage of CBD, as well as the topical delivery of CBD, may be able to support the reduction of inflammation and moderate pain. In another study done in 2015, mice suffering from arthritis which were given CBD topically showed a significant reduction in inflammation as well as pain after a period of four days – and it didn’t show any side effects, either.

Better sleep

If you feel like you are not getting enough sleep or that your sleep isn’t as restful as it should be, CBD may also help. There are many ways through which CBD can help you achieve better sleep, and even the World Health Organization stated in 2017 that there is preliminary proof that CBD may prove useful for certain medical conditions. Although the WHO also stated that a lot more research still needs to be done, the effect of CBD on chronic pain and anxiety as well as other disorders that can affect sleep looks promising indeed.

No high

Perhaps the most relevant fact about CBD is that it doesn’t have any psychotropic or psychoactive effects, which differentiates it from another compound found in the hemp plant, THC. As a matter of fact, CBD may even help moderate the effects of THC since it may potentially alleviate anxiety and stress.

Many countries have already legalized the use of CBD oil and other CBD derivatives, including Canada. If you would like to buy CBD oil Canada has legalized for sale, you can now do so without any difficulty – just make sure the source is reliable and offers the best quality CBD oil you can find.

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