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Entertainment 12 January, 2018

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Interviewed for a special issue of the magazine Paris Match, Alain Delon looks back on her life, a book of his very dark picture of the contemporary world and does not hide that it intends serenely to his death.

Still very affected by the death, last August, that he considered the woman of his life, Alain Delon, tells the magazine Paris Matchpréférer stay officially single for the moment : “I’m not saying that there is no candidate. There are ten, but no for the moment not be right for me to end my life. “

The icon of French cinema, who’s going to turn his latest film under the direction of director Patrice Leconte, has confessed to the magazine no longer believe in God, even if he maintains a special relationship with the blessed Virgin : “My passion is Mary. Because I love this woman, I love everything she does. (…) I talk to him, I tell him things, I ask him things. It brings me relief, it brings me to a company that I did not, it is still there. “. Convinced that after death, ” it becomes just a body rotting under the ground “, Alain Delon has already invested in to its last resting place : “Everything is ready, I have my grave in my chapel, there is a six-seater.”

Very dark, the acteurn’has not hidden his distaste of the current times : “I hate this time, I vomit. (…) Everything is wrong, everything is distorted. (…) I know that I will leave this world without regrets. “

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