“I love you my love “, check out the message Laeticia after the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday Gala

Entertainment 6 December, 2017


It is Laeticia Hallyday, who announced the sad news in a statement to AFP, Johnny died in the night of 5 to 6 December. In a text touching, the wife of Johnny Hallyday delivers his last declaration of love to the man of her life, the one that she has married 22 years ago. In this message it evokes, Jade and Joy, David and Laura, his blue eyes, their marriage…

“My man is no more. The dad of our two small daughters, Jade and Joy, is gone. The dad of Laura and David closed his eyes. His blue eyes light up again and again in our house, and our souls. Today, out of respect and love for this extraordinary man who was the mine for more than 22 years to perpetuate her passion for life, strong sensations, emotions without half-measures, we unite all our prayers, and our hearts. We think of him so strong that he will forever be at our side, the side of those who listen to it, sing it, and cherished for always, ” written Laeticia Hallyday.

It concludes with these words : “Johnny was a man out of the common. It will remain with you. Most importantly, do not forget it. He is and will remain with us forever. My love, I love you so much.” A message as poignant on the part of the one who has accompanied until the end.

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