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It would not be silent more. Flavie Flament has been as released by nominating David Hamilton as a photographer who raped when she was 13 years old. On 31 January, she spoke to the delegation on women’s rights of the national Assembly, in the hope to lengthen the period of limitation for the cases similar to hers.

In 2016, Flavie Flament out his book, The consolation, in which she revealed that she was raped by a photographer at the age of 13 years. It confirms that he is of David Hamilton, for whom she had posed at that age. Since this speech, Flavie Flament undertakes in favour of rape victims, and asks in particular that the statute of limitation for rape should be extended. It is expressed on 31 January before the delegation for women’s rights of the national Assembly – a response relayed by the Huffington Post.

“It made me a crazy time one day be able to designate publicly my rapist, and then to be able to even utter these words : ” I was raped when I was 13 years old by David Hamilton “. This sentence-I would have never imagined to say it, ” explains Flavie Flament. When I picked up this word, it is that I felt that I had no other choice. I am always very touched that we speak of courage, but in reality it was either that or I was going to burst, so I rather preferred the camp life “.

While women’s speech is released, following the movements #MeToo and #balancetonporc, Flavie Flament reminded that we cannot force the victims to express themselves, but that they need support to give them the opportunity. “I think it must help a victim to speak. There is an injunction, today, the release of the word. I like the tint, because I think that it should be an invitation, ” she says. Je thinks that every victim does what she can with what she has lived “.

“I would never have made it [to reveal the identity of her rapist to the media, editor’s NOTE] if I could describe my rapist in a courtroom. If I had not said one day ” Listen to mrs. Finney, it is well, now you come to tell us about it, but it’s too late “. I think that to hear that when one has been victim and that it is in the pursuit of justice, it is something unbearable, regrets Flavie Flament. So yes, it took a form of courage, a form of energy, but this energy I found in this desire to bring justice to the little girl that I was. This little girl who was having a nap at the back of me, crying deep inside of me, that I despised it by not listening ever. One day, I am : “In fact, it is necessary that I meet “. And to meet me, it will be necessary also that I defend, and to defend myself, since nobody is going to make it to my place, well I’m going to make justice in designating publicly my rapist “.

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