I Wish – Make a Wish: The Terrifying Trailer Will Give You Chills

Cinema 20 June, 2017

The last time you saw a box making greetings at the cinema was in Aladdin. As much to tell you right away, this movie has nothing to do with Disney’s masterpiece. Mate the trailer for this horror movie!
The director of Annabelle is back! The terrifying trailer of the movie I Wish – Make a Wish has just been unveiled . So we’ll take the time to talk to you about this movie that will make you slam your buttocks. The pitch? This is the story of Claire Shannon and her girlfriends. Claire’s daron offers him an old music box whose inscriptions promise to fulfill all his wishes, the latter tries his luck. And it works ! Money, popularity, boyfriend, everything seems perfect. But the dream has a price: as its wishes, people around him die in particularly atrocious conditions .
The cast of this film directed John R. Leonetti found beautiful people : Ryan Phillippe who plays one of the best performances of his career, Ki Hong Lee (cross in the Labyrinth , the film in which it was revealed to the public ), Joey King who proves once again that she is one of the promising young talents of Hollywood, Shannon Purser (cuckoo Barb of Stranger Things !) To find also on the big screen. Note it in your agenda, I Wish – Make a Vow come to theaters on July 26th and you’ll definitely shiver with pleasure!