Ian Somerhalder forgotten, Nina Dobrev kisses her new guy (PHOTOS)

Entertainment 13 July, 2017

After long months of celibacy, Nina Dobrev finally found a new guy. Warning this is a known actor! Immediately discover his identity and their lovely photos.

Nina Dobrev, who recently broke up with her dog in Los Angeles, is no longer on the market for hearts to take. The ex-star of The Vampire Diaries has finally found shoe to his foot. The actress spent long single months, having fun and traveling with her girlfriends but she decided today to land. After his breaks with Ian Somerhalder, Derek Hough and Austin Stowell, would Nina Dobrev find the man of his life? One thing is certain, it seems to be a serious story since the actress decided to formalize her relationship. Who is the lucky one? Discover immediately what makes Nina Dobrev’s heart beat!

The lucky winner is none other than Glen Powell, an actor from Scream Queens. Forgotten Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and her new boyfriend seem madly in love with each other. At the wedding of her BFF, Julianne Hough on July 8 in Idaho, Nina Dobrev broke out taking pictures in a photomaton with her darling. The clichés have leaked on the social networks and we see the couple more accomplice than ever, exchanging tender kisses. It’s a nice formalization, even if Nina Dobrev, who became the muse of a great brand, was careful not to reveal it. You can tell, they are adorable and seem to be as funny as the other!