Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries): A photo file resurfaces!

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

Ouh the beautiful photo folder! An old cliché of Ian Somerhalder resurfaced and she might have never had to point the tip of her nose …
Everything seems to be going very well in Ian Somerhalder’s life right now. The actor of The Vampire Diaries is filled in his professional life but also in his marriage. However, a few days ago, who plays Damon Salvatore scared his fans. Ian Somerhalder left a disturbing message on the Web . Well, of course, the star certainly wanted to play on words. In short … Today, it is another information that has challenged the Web. An old photo of Ian Somerhalder resurfaced and say he might have wanted it not be disclosed openly. It is with great humor that we return on this cliché file of the darling of Nikki Reed. This picture will definitely make your day meltynauts!
Ah the holiday season! Between the good stuff that we chains, the opening of Christmas gifts or the hilarious clothes that we carry in family, there are many things that one would like to keep for oneself. Regarding Ian Somerhalder is definitely this photo folder. It is found in the company of his wife’s family in 2015. The actor of The Vampire Diaries celebrated Christmas with relatives of Nikki Reed and the least we can say is that he was dressed for the opportunity. With its red grenouillère with the motives of an élan, it is simply at the top! Thank you Ian for that moment! The brother of his beloved, Nathan and his father, Seth Reed , had also played the game. Now that’s a happy family. Anyway, love is always there for you SomeReed . There are some days, we saw Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed more in love than ever in the streets of LA . Ah, how beautiful! So, what do you think of this old hilarious photo of Ian Somerhalder?