If Fear The Walking Dead was canceled, could Madison, Alicia and others join The Walking Dead?

Cinema 19 December, 2016

If Fear The Walking Dead was canceled after a few seasons, would it be possible to find his characters alongside Rick, Michonne and others in The Walking Dead?
Yes, speculation continues! There are few people wondered, given the limited success of fear the walking dead, if it is canceled before the end of The Walking Dead . Indeed as some know, the audiences are down and the share of 18-49 years in the public also gold is that age range that the channels want to touch in priority. And yet we know that the hearings are very good, especially for a series on a cable channel, which is why today we want to emphasize that this is just speculation and not forecasts . Although fear the walking dead will surely set aside a day like any other, that day is probably not going to happen because it still is a big franchise for AMC . But in case this happens sooner than expected – and for example before the end of The Walking Dead – some questions arise.
In view of the various intrigues of the two series, one wonders if Madison, Alicia, Nick, Victor and the others could not join the characters of The Walking Dead to form a large community. Obviously this would pose narrative worries about the comics since Clark, Manawa and others do not exist in Robert Kirkman’s comics. But this may just allow the series to introduce a real element of surprise, impressive enough to change the situation and we propose completely unpredictable episodes . The fusion of their intrigues to all would bring a revival to The Walking Dead which would not hurt him while preserving characters who are now part of the channel’s identity and giving them a second chance. Obviously it would be necessary beforehand to prepare a little the ground and state for example the will of Madison, Ofelia and the others to leave towards the east once they will return to the United States.
The adaptation of the stories of Rick, Carl and company would probably require quite a lot of work for the screenwriters but the interactions between the characters could be very interesting and the possibilities of intrigues would be multiplied tenfold. Yet we are well aware that these speculations will remain at the stage of speculation since the rights of the two franchises could complicate things, the characters of Fear owned AMC unlike those of The Walking Dead . And these are not the only reasons, but we must admit that the idea of ​​seeing Madison and Rick shake hands and present their respective groups was quite envy … In any case for now and as specified, nothing Announces a cancellation of Fear and we wait to see the continuation to know if the public will always be with the rendezvous. To wait until the return of Nick and others, Danay Garcia tease the new antagonist of the series and what to expect Luciana in season 3 of The Walking Dead Fear . And you, would you have liked to see the two groups of characters meet?