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Entertainment 18 January, 2018

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When he discovered St. Barth, Johnny Hallyday is immediately felt well, to the point to build a house, villa Jade, a harbour, near in which he loved to gather family and friends. Fell in love with the island in the west Indies, he had planned everything, up to the white cross which adorns his tomb. But before you decide to be buried in St Barth, so far away from the city, Johnny had thought to be buried in St Tropez. It must be said that the singer has lived in for wonderful years. There he owned a villa Lorada, contraction of the first names of David and Laura, his two grown children.

A house that the taulier was, however, eventually sell. In a long interview to people’s magazine, the singer explained his dislike for St Tropez. “I have nothing more to do in Saint-Tropez. Like all the poor who think that luxury is the culmination of the dream, I’m done building a house there, but I do not live more in the past two years. Because I’ve got a hundred people in front of my gate every day, that I don’t have very good memories. Except for a visit to Eddy Mitchell, I have no reason to return, ” explained the singer.

Located in the district of Oumède in Ramatuelle this villa of 710 m2 with a swimming pool of 500 m2 and has been built by the rocker with the help of architect Roland Morisse at the beginning of the 1990s. As a result of numerous debts and a dispute with his record company of the time, the singer was then forced to sell his villa.

Johnny recounted to the Expressin an interview in 2004 : “I lose the license of my name, my own name anyway, for some visual merchandising, and the ownership of my house, villa Molitor, Paris, and then Lorada, in Ramatuelle. “The villa had been sold to its Russian but it remains a place of pilgrimage for fans of the Taulier.

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