If their acting career starts in a spin, they will make a singer, no big deal

Cinema 10 January, 2017

In this period of crisis where it is better to be versatile not to end up in the chomdu, these actors have no reason to stress. Fucking.

What are called artists. True, not guys who pretend to nab the Erasmus evening or at the corner bar . These men and women manage comedy like singing and it is raging. But hey, we’ll still recognize that they are balèzes and show it with these live videos.
Hugh Laurie
Everyone is now aware, since he released his two albums at Warner. What needs to be clarified is that it is not limited to singing. He feels the piano too , no worries.
Robert Pattinson
Already before becoming an actor, he was a model … The guy does everything. And that stuff obviously. Afterwards, you do not have to love your game and make it a great actor. But when you see him play the piano or classical guitar and sing, you can not confessing that it is good the bastard . Besides, two sounds in the first “Twilight” are from him. Other anecdotes: he has a group (“Bad Girls”) and a sister singer (Lizzy, in “Aurora”).
Anna Kendrick
She also appears in “Twilight”. But if you really have to, you have perhaps already heard singing in the comedy “Pitch Perfect” and “The Hit Girls”. A proof that it is not a can? This live, from 00 to 1min55, for example.
Oscar Isaac
Now that it begins to weigh, it will surely know a little more. We saw his head in “Star Wars 7”, “Drive” and especially … “Inside Llewyn Davis” . There, you could not miss his talent as guitarist and singer. And it was beautiful. And it was not fake hein, since it also manages on tray, like that.
Anne Hathaway
We knew she could rape, and bah she also knows how to push the song. With a truly calm voice, powerful, clear . Beautiful work. Even by cheating and smiling, the level is there.
Kevin Spacey
Those who follow his filmography have already seen it at work, in “Beyond The Sea”, which he produced himself. He wanted to do his kiff, he did. Why deprive yourself ?! Kevin Spacey sings for charity, live . With so much talent.
Jeremy Renner
Probably the most surprising. Given the roles through which he has had the most success (the “Jason Bourne”, “The Hurt Locker”), Jeremy Renner returns rather a nag image, difficult to contain guys . Then to see him in pants behind a piano and to sing with gentleness, one did not expect.
Ryan Gosling
We finish with the beautiful kid whose talents as a singer are already known. Since his debut, children, at Disney with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Crisitina Aguilera. Then through various films, including “In the room where you sleep” or “Blue Vlantine” and “La La Land” at the moment. The Canadian, who is part of the group “Dead Man’s Bones” master the guitar and the piano and sometimes pat concerts . Like this one.
Bonus: it’s a gift, Jim Carrey who releases himself in rocker mode
We are less in control and accuracy, that’s for sure. But given the desire he has shown, it’s worth to be seen . Especially the moment when it swings of the tongues on the guitar of the other … Big potential for the live. Which one is the most impressive?