If you gain weight in the winter, it may be due to the lack of sun

Health 12 January, 2018


Published the 12.01.2018 to 12: 30 pm
Update the 12.01.2018 at 17: 15


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This would not be the squeegee, but the lack of sun that would be responsible for the small pounds stored at the end of the winter. The idea may lend to smile, but it is the result of a study conducted by researchers from the university of Alberta in Canada.
In the course of research conducted on fat cells for a potential treatment of type 1 diabetes, scientists have realized that the blue light, emitted by the sun, was to melt the fat cells located just under the skin.

The fat cells “melts in the sun”

By this operation, our cells will store less fat since they escape. “If one brings together all of these conclusions, the lack of exposure to the sun that we are eight months in the year, because of the northern climate in which we live, could be one of the causes of fat storage and contribute to this weight gain that some of us have the winter “, explains Peter E. Light, one of the main authors of the study and professor of pharmacology.
Caution however, this study is not an incentive to expose themselves to hours in the sun to lose weight. Peter E. Light, adds : “We still don’t know what intensity of light and duration of exposure are necessary for this to work. “It is likely that the deficit of sunshine is associated with a vitamin D deficiency and a tendency to, in any way, slow down the metabolism.

Further research must be now be carried out on the subject to better understand this process of fat burning.