If you want to be stuck on space, remember the opposite of what Hollywood shows you

Cinema 30 December, 2016

So, ok, movies are nice to watch. But question coherence and respect for the laws of physics, will have to go back. Neither done nor to do, no but!
Another proof that the Americans are manipulating us. And that their soft-power has only one goal: to stun and hide the truth. Deuce! Fortunately, some are still struggling so that everything does not go to waste. One must know how to re-establish certain truths, shit. Which actually happens in space. All the things below, shown by Hollywood, are false .
You still see Han Solo dodge the asteroids with a little drop of sweat and C-3PO put him pressure with starving statistics on their chance of survival (“The Empire Strikes Back”). Genre there is hardly the place to pass the ship, limit it rubs and you scratch the paint. When in truth, the distance between each asteroid represents hundreds of thousands of kilometers . Even a blind man, stuffed, with his back to the wheel, would manage to pass without touching anything.
History of not completely smashing them, we will acquiesce on a trick: yes, it takes appropriate equipment to survive in space. That being said (Jean-Michel Aulas style), I am obliged to say that no, we do not freeze instantly. Even you, the chilly behind your screen. Certainly, the lack of particles causes you to gradually lose your body heat, but gently. In true is asphyxia you will die . Because in space, it is especially the lack of oxygen that is problematic. Some say you die in 16 seconds, then your brain a minute later. Your body will be frozen much later.
You see the scenes where the characters walk around the ship by letting themselves float? Well, it could be more precise on why. When you are told that there is “zero gravity”, it is an exaggeration to the southerner. There are serious all the time, everywhere . In this case, it is micro-gravity, hence the impression of not weighing anything. Y’a fed up with the roughly, soon a pillow will be called a cushion while it has nothing to do.
Obviously, producers and creators prefer to rely on spectacularity. And c’mon I doing you some huge explosions ( “Return of the Jedi”), that it farts for kilometers ( “Armageddon”), with flames to rival an amateur arsonist … While to see these flames, just , There must be combustion. Therefore oxygen . Now in space, if there is a good thing missing … it’s oxygen! Ahah, what? And even if your helmet, which contained, fetches, bah the small dose will be consumed, sucked direct and worse that is all. Point bar.
Indeed, it is better to avoid playing cunt and go as close as possible to the trick. Who makes the evil one, falls into the ravine. But let us shade this: the black hole has limits (gravitational forces), it is not in constant expansion. If you’re quite removed (e) you are not in danger . To put it simply, let’s use a nice analogy. If a guy drops a case in the amphi, the first circle around him gets expensive. The second, less. And the others are quiet. Well, it’s the same. Who is going to shine in society (provided you avoid falling on a really sharp guy)?