If your spouse(e) is in the plan, you’re going to lose weight also

Health 4 February, 2018


Published the 04.02.2018 at 08: 00


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Be in a couple, this is not only to share moments with two. It is also influence one another. It is this that demonstrates a new u.s. study, published in the journal Obesity. Researchers from the University of Connecticut, in the United States, have discovered that if one member of the couple begins a diet, his or her partner is likely to also lose weight, without having to actively participate.

3% of the initial weight in less

130 couples were followed up over a period of six months. The couples were separated into two groups. In the first, one member of the couple was enrolled in a weight-loss program for six months. In the second, the other member was receiving a single document with information on diet, exercise and weight control. One-third of the partners, not engaged in the structured program, has lost 3% of its initial weight.

The ripple effect

Professor Amy Gorin, behavioral psychologist and author of the study, calls this “the ripple effect”. Concretely, when a person changes habits or behavior, the people who gravitate around it will also change.

“The spouses can mimic the behaviors of their partner and follow them into the counting of calories, weighing in more often, and eating foods with less fat,” explains the psychologist. That is for the positive side. But the members of a couple can also “evil” influence. If a penalty to losing weight, there are chances that the other has the same rhythm. This should be the subject of a future study.