Imany: Discover the surprising origin of its name …

Entertainment 14 November, 2016

The sympathetic singer says about herself.
Like many artists, Imany chose a stage name to break into the music. The French singer who is named Nadia Mladjao, gave the surprising explanation behind his pseudonym!
Back in the bins with the disc The Wrong Kind of War , Imany distills his confidence to tell the story of the creation of his new project and also want to lift a little the veil that surrounds it, it is relatively quiet about his private life. On the occasion of an interview with the magazine Enjoy! (Of the airline Transavia, edition September-December 2016), the star told a little about herself, starting with his artist name. .. ” It comes from a movie when I was a teenager, coming to America with Eddie Murphy. The subject I liked princess and her name Imany. It was after that I knew, by my mother what it meant , “she said. Indeed, in Swahili, the language spoken in the Comoros where she is from, the word Imany means “faith.”
The singer has good reason to have faith, and the life has also proved to him because after years of struggling in New York – where she earned her living as a model – to succeed in music, she ended up taking off on our side of the Atlantic. Complexed in his youth by his deep voice, Imany has learned to live with its complex, and it owes much to the singer Tracy Chapman. ” When I finally realized it was not a boy, I said, ‘Look, you’re not alone!’ It was comforting, I felt prior to an alien but it has made its way , “she said. Today, the star is at ease with itself and is defined as someone ” funny “, which like ” well joking ” and is ” a big complainer ” but ” a positive girl still ! “.