In addition to good food, they make good films: and if the Italians were good people?

Cinema 27 March, 2017

Pasta, pizza, charcut ‘: ok they manage. And it’s not over: we no longer count the great movies that come from the Boot. Ma that, bravissimo!
Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero, Marco Verratti and so on. Yes, it is true, we can thank the Italians. Pavarotti, Botticelli … Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo … In short, in all fields, from the most to the least cultural and advised to shine in society, they are there. Especially in the history of cinema.
The dolce Vita
When it was released in 1960, it was scandal and vandal dance (sense of where the heat comes …). Basically, Federico Fellini’s film was accused of showing a society of debauchees and idlers through its many episodes during which one follows a journalist to people in Rome. All week long, the guy spends more time and energy to work than to work . In search (unsuccessful) of love. In a society that is still very religious and practicing, there are squeaks. In the end, Palme d’Or of the Cannes festival and mythical work.
Nothing to do with the feline, let’s clear that straight. In this case, the term refers to an aristocrat, in ancient Italy in the mid-19th century. Here it is Don Fabrizio Salina who notes the end of an era and the rise of the new bourgeoisie . A passing torch not so obvious, and the opportunity to take stock, calmly, of his life. Softly huh, since it lasts 3:30. And yeah, adaptation of a novel my friend. Little more for us French: the presence of BG Alain Delon, in the person of Tancred, the nephew. And yes, Palme d’Or, in 1963.
Once upon a time the revolution
Already known and recognized, Sergio Leone we still swing a spaghetti western in full face and we like it. The year 1971 then peacefully unfolds his days, when he emerges his eighth realization, the sixth alone and officially. In Mexico, we discover a kind of buddy movie before the hour, where a diligence plunderer meets an expert in explosives before continuing the project of pointing a bank together . The references are numerous (the scene of the shooting of the revolutionaries imitates the painting of Francisco de Goya Tres de Mayo, for example) and the BO tears. With Ennio Morricone with the controllers, inevitably, it handles.
The Gospel according to St. Matthew
Not necessarily long, a little more than 2h, but in black and white. And above all, a rather serious re-enactment of the gospel, so it’s not the thing where you can stall fat jokes and see pursuit races. Pier Paolo Pasolini reveals Christianity as it is written, faithfully and religiously. And it’s beautiful. Additional argument: it avoids reading the gospel, you gain time . What might not have been the case if the guy had shot the 131 scenes originally planned in the screenplay! Finally 44, a good difference. Probably a wise decision.
The Swagger
A stroll through the Roman suburbs, its countryside and the surrounding seaside during the summer period. Dino Risi takes us on a journey of great beauty (the plans perfectly reflect the landscapes of the area) as he gives us his point of view on the economic miracle of Italy in the 60s . Because behind this road-movie where Vittorio Gassman is as exuberant, free and joyful as Jean-Louis Trintignant is austere, serious and stuck, it is the emptiness of material well-being that is demonstrated to us. It’s cool, it’s funny, but it means above all that the human being is and will remain alone. Whatever happens. A little classic before going to bed tonight?