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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


Since the death of Johnny Hallyday, the tomb of the rocker is always packed with flowers and present. The many tributes to the idol of the youth are a godsend for the florists on the island who have not been sitting idly, as reported in AFP.

It is in the cemetery of Lorient, Saint-Barthélémy, as Johnny Hallyday has decided to rest forever. He had chosen the location of his burial. Today, it has become a place of pilgrimage. For the fans, and for Laeticia Hallyday who, locked in her punishment, not out of the villa Jade, which to collect on the tomb of her husband. The headstone is covered with many white roses but also floral creations of all kinds. At the foot of the large white cross replacing the word ” Love “, made from flower-white and red.

This is one of the creations made by Claire, the manager of the store Bloomy, one of the two florists on the island. Since the burial of the rocker, she didn’t stop working. “I made two guitars, a motorcycle, a treble clef, a heart “, she explains to AFP. The orders came rarely of the inhabitants of Saint-Barthélémy, but much more of the metropolis. Calls from individuals and fans to no end. “Especially at the beginning, it was madness. We had people in tears on the phone. Someone asked me to send him some sand of his tomb. And then, once the flowers have been installed, they ask for photos, news… Some just call to discuss Johnny Hallyday,” says the florist. And if the number of calls has decreased, Claire is sitting on its hands. “At the moment, I work a lot with loved ones and family. His musicians, producers, etc. “, explains she.

Within the territory-wide committee of tourism of Saint-Barthélemy, as in the agencies specialized in trips to the French west Indies, we receive numerous calls regarding the grave of Johnny Hallyday. “We advise them to come during the summer period in a cheaper and more quiet, more conducive to meditation, and that would be like an extension of the tourist season on the island.” Fans of the Taulier are willing to sacrifice their economies to come and gather on the grave of the singer. Andhis birthday, June 15, could also be a motivation.

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