In the evening of the funeral of Johnny Hallyday in St Barth, David and Laura Smet have done band – Gala

Entertainment 14 December, 2017


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The close friends of Johnny have made their final goodbyes this week, on the island of Saint-Barthelemy, in the Caribbean. Afterwards, some went to dinner in his memory. David Hallyday and his sister Laura Smet have preferred to do tape-to-hand that night.

Johnny Hallyday will be fought hard until the last second. Last week, the rocker 74-year-old has yet tilted to face his cancer. Before leaving, however, he has found the time to make it clear to his relatives that he wished to be buried on the island of Saint-Barthelemy, in the Caribbean. His wish has been heightened. On 10 December, members and friends of the family of the star have in fact landed on the small piece of earth paradise to accompany the idol of the young in his last abode. David Hallyday and Laura Smet, the two older children of the star, joined the group later, preferring to go on the island by their own means.

The farewell was made in the cemetery of Saint-Barth, a variously coloured square, where was assembled for the occasion the circle of most intimate friends of the rocker. Also present: the woman and the four children of the singer. In the Face of the band, two of the musicians of the boss: Yarol Poupaud and Maxim Nucci. When they begin two great classics of Elvis, the magazine Closer reports that Laeticia Hallyday barely contain himself. Overwhelmed by emotion, gripped by the sadness, the wife of the deceased, then, finds comfort in the arms of David Hallyday. The son of Johnny, on his side, to console his mother-in-law but not loose at any moment the hand of his sister, Laura, presents its side from the beginning of the ceremony.

Since the tragedy, the two elders of Johnny Hallyday were very close to one another. The tight bend in the face of adversity, they emerged worthy and emotion during the funeral of popular organized in France a few days after the disappearance of their father. Their behavior was the same when the grounding of the body of Johnny, Saint-Barth. However, once the coffin covered with earth, brother and sister did not want to accompany the rest of the guests at the dinner held that evening at the favourite restaurant of the deceased. According to Closer, both have preferred to withdraw discreetly and keep themselves away from the group. Decided to make a band, the duo was no longer a glimpse of the evening. Before leaving the island, the next day, Laura Smet, has been caught carry with it a handful of sand as a souvenir of the island which is now his father. While the largest part of the guests has since joined france, Laeticia Hallyday, has chosen to stay on site with their two daughters, Jade and Joy.

Photo credits : Marechal Dawn/ABACA

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