In the eye of Carlito: My week with series The Walking Dead, Westworld, Grey’s Anatomy, AHS and many more!

Cinema 20 November, 2016

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american-horror-story-saison-6-the-walkingHi, hi, the meltynautes! I hope you had a great weekend and you feel attack for another week. Like every Sunday, I find you to tell you about my series week and it starts now with Quantico has given us the best episode of its second season until now. He was particularly intense with all themed around the torture and I begin to really be interested in what happens in the future . Who are these terrorists? What do they really want? From what I understand, the creator of the series planned to stop talking about terrorism in the second half of the season, then the next episode should offer us many answers. Soon afterwards! Tuesday night, NBC broadcast a new episode of This Is Us, again very successful. I repeat myself, but this series is an absolute gem. Finally, Kevin put words on why he did not get along with his brother. It touched me a lot and I hope that relations between him and Randall will improve thereafter . Anyway, the series continues to move me and make me smile, something I desperately need every week!
Wednesday night, to my surprise, I loved the last episode of Empire. The whole plot around the hacking was exciting and twist the end of promises great things . I do not really understand yet why Andre did this, but we should have more answers soon. I am delighted that the character of Becky is a little more developed this year. . In contrast zero pointed to Hakeem (who clearly deserves two slaps) and Jamal (no longer useless) The end of American Horror Story on Wednesday night was in the image of season 6: excellent . A true conclusion that brought together everything I expect from the series. This season 6 is for me, in retrospect, the best of the series. I think I’m going to repeat during the holidays. Finally, the final mid-season (3×09) of How to Get Away with Murder was just crazy. Killing a character of this magnitude is frankly dared and I imagine that the consequences will be very heavy afterwards . Of emotion, tension, shock and revelations: this is an episode you like them!
For the flop of the week, I start with Westworld. I loved the episode last week and this week, I was very disappointed. So yes, there is the revelation of Bernard and murder he commits to Robert, but it’s not really appealed to me more than that. I suspected a little, also to be honest . Me what especially interests me is Maeve and I look forward all fired up! However, I am much less taken with the story at the beginning of the season. I think it’s very likely that I stop at the end of the ten episodes. Also on Sunday evening, The Walking Dead. What can I say except that I am really annoyed me. The episode was bieeeeeen too long for what he said (Basically, anything) . In fact, the series made a master stroke each year: it offers 4 episodes (the first season, mid-season finale, the first mid-season and season finale) of crazy to say nothing and next to be extremely slow. It’s a shame because it could bring a lot more. I do not ask that kills people every week. But at least they give us what we want: that is, see our characters bader because two of their friends were still made abut. If there is a “leap in time” on Sunday night with the episode of the return of Maggie, it will be abused.
Wednesday night, ABC proposed a new episode of the first season of Designated Survivor, the video promo of the episode 8 is available . Again, despite its cast 5 stars and its infinite possibilities, we miss the series and offers nothing . In fact, there were so many series with Presidents, which becomes demanding. And when I mate what the oven Designated Survivor, I have not really hope. Please, Maggie Q, extricate yourself from this hell and find yourself another more promising project that this bad run. Finally, to conclude this flop: Grey’s Anatomy. How disappointing is this season 13. Frankly, it’s a waste. For a mid-season finale, we saw much better and above all, there are so many intrigues that have been set aside and I do not understand why. Where is the love triangle this season? Where is Japril? Why Richard is still there? Not frankly, nothing to say except that it was boring . I have clearly not wait to see the series in January. Finally, if a bit. But I have décolérer before! Also, find my full review of episode 9 of season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy on melty.
And now, the meltynautes, it’s over for this week! I invite you, obviously to exhibit your opinion on the shows you’ve seen this week in the comments. If you want to discuss with me, it’s very simple, just follow me on Twitter (@charlesnisl) . I regularly post news on your favorite shows also. As for me, I find you very quickly and send you lots of luck for the coming week. Big kisses! And you, what was your week series?