In the eye of Carlito: My Week with The Walking Dead series, Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Story and many more!

Cinema 6 November, 2016

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grey-s-anatomy-saison-13-the-walking-deadHi all, the meltynautes! If last week I offered you a special edition of The Walking Dead , today, things return to normal with my usual week series. I begin the Top of the week with Quantico, who offered us a pretty solid episode last Sunday. This season 2 really pleases me enormously. Unlike season 1 where the “school” not delighted me more than that, I think this year it’s really successful. It must be said that the figures presented are much more interesting and much deeper than last year. The character of Russell Tovey is captivating and I wonder what he can hide … Anyway, looking forward to the next episode . Wednesday night, a new episode of American Horror Story was aired on FX, further confirming that this is, in my eyes, the best season. Very hard to watch (especially because of the torture scenes), this new installment has seen two people killed. I hope that Ryan Murphy is not going to save Sarah Paulson . It would still be very large, especially as it is the one that never dies in the series. See also the criticism of episode 8 of season 6 of American Horror Story.

Wednesday night, WGN America launched FINALLY Season 3 of Salem. In the matting season premiere, I realized how the series had missed me and how it is enjoyable . This is a strong first episode, with sordid moments, twists and a new mythology is being born. I’m super excited to see the result. Thursday night, after weeks of soft, Grey’s Anatomy has finally decided to revive the pace a bit. It must be said that the arrival of the consultant is timely and this new plot could well do to speed things up . April is on Tinder and I ask myself: is it possible that the date is the former husband of Jo? Everything is possible in Shonda … Finally, 3×07 of How to Get Away with Murder was again chanmé. The case of the week fascinated me and to be honest, I liked the episode that I went back to season 1 . the series deals with heavy subjects (eg HIV) and this brilliantly. The return of Frank also is timely. So who will die? Connor? Nate? Response in two weeks.

The flop begins this week with Once Upon A Time. I will not speak in long, wide and across. Especially as I’m getting tired of insults and accusations of fans of the series, but I say: this season is bad as all – only the ‘Evil Queen is worth – and I sincerely hope that this is the final season. No interest in making a sequel. The second series of flop, and that The Walking Dead. The episode was not bad in itself. But the series has the annoying habit of rhythms cuts sincerely begin to swell me . The first was crazy and this second episode was too slow, not enough explosive. After an episode like 7×01, I found it annoying to break the rhythm and tension. Still, the episode was still pretty cool.

Let the things that annoy with Westworld: I loved the first two episodes, then from the third, I started to get bored. And what would happen, happened: I fell asleep before episode 5 . the series was too big a mythology that we do not yet understand enough and I find it such a shame that there is so much intrigue in parallel. It is already difficult to grasp enough that in addition to that, we foute us other mysteries. Fortunately she is still beautiful to watch, otherwise I would stop. Finally, I concluded with The Vampire Diaries. A rather classic episode ( “Damon is evil, will save him”, “Fight, Enzo”) brief, the seen and reviewed. And we will not lie: for a wicked, Sybil really not afraid . A question arises: Tyler is really dead? I hope so, because it is useless and that’s the stupidest back I’ve ever seen in a show. However, he was too sex with his little beard.
And now, the meltynautes, it’s over for this week! I invite you, obviously to exhibit your opinion on the shows you’ve seen this week in the comments. If you want to discuss with me, it’s very simple, just follow me on Twitter (@charlesnisl) . I regularly post news on your favorite shows also. As for me, I find you very quickly and send you lots of luck for the coming week. Big kisses! And you, what was your week series?