Increased risk of breast cancer with the contraceptive pill

Health 19 December, 2017


Published the 19.12.2017 at 19: 45


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Birth control pills are more controversial. Those 3rd and 4th generation had done debate in 2012, following the complaint of a young woman, victim of a stroke which has severely disabled, compared to a laboratory. The results of a new study published Thursday might strengthen suspicion against this method of contraception. Danish researchers have shown that women who take or have taken the pill have a 20% risk of having breast cancer. A risk which increases as the use of the contraceptive lasts.

Risk persist after discontinuation of the pill

The scientists conducted their study on Danish women aged 15 to 49 years, based on national registers. 1.8 million women were analyzed. They had never had cancer, venous thromboembolism and had not received treatment for hormonal infertility. The research was conducted over a period of more than ten years.
11.517 cases of breast cancer have been identified. Even after less than a year of pill use, the risk of breast cancer increases. In addition, after an interruption of the taking of the contraception among women who have been on the pill for five years or more, the risk was still higher than for women never having taken. They believe the risk of a cancer per year for 7690 women taking hormonal contraception.

Contraception by pill hormonal, however, presents the benefits for many women. And the risk is not equal: some women are more prone than others to develop cancer of the breast. Hence the importance of seeking the advice of a general practitioner or a gynecologist.