Incroyable Talent 2016: Fabienne, a hypnotist and bulldog Electric Man on top

Entertainment 23 November, 2016

The last step of castings … and not least!
fabienne-dans-incroyable-talentGo for a fifth night of auditions in La France a un incroyable talent on M6 , now a show presented by David Ginola ! Jurors Helene Segara , Gilbert Rozon , Kamel Ouali and Eric Antoine has once again tried to update the most talented artists of the year in various disciplines.
Tonight again, candidates from all backgrounds have made the trip to try to qualify for the finals and take the check for 100,000 euros. Who are the participants who have distinguished themselves to be already qualified for the finals? Answer now!
Emilia (16, Alsace) is a singer, she is also self-taught. His trick is to take the hits pop, R’n’B and rap and remix them to the sauce so that they become moving songs. Tonight is Hey Mama by David Guetta she chose to return to his sauce. Soon, jurors are conquered. Helene Segara is delighted to learn that this is the girl who reorchestrate her own songs. Gilbert Rozon is also very enthusiastic. Emily leaves with four “yes”!
Our four friends (French and Swiss) propose a Korean plate number. Very comfortable with their rocking, boys multiply jumps … which does not impress Gilbert Rozon which buzzes in the first 30 seconds. Then the issue becomes more complex with original figures and the audience applauded more and more artists. There is humor, address, taking risks … It’s a full house! In the end, Gilbert Rozon told them “no”, Kamel Ouali, Helen and Eric Antoine Seara say “yes.” They are selected!
Elysha is 8 years old and she wants to present a dance number. She comes on stage but very traqueuse Helene Segara reassured her quickly. Kamel Ouali welcomes the outset natural elegance and the pro dancer perceives it aspires to become. His models are Beyoncé and Mia Frye, she loves poking their choreography elements. On stage, she puts the public in the pocket with his performance Bitch Better Have My Money Rihanna. “You’re a bomb ,” loose Helene Segara. Except Gilbert Rozon, all jurors say “yes” to Elysha.
Aerobic Team France took part in the 2016 World discipline in South Korea (and won!) And tonight is facing the jury of Got Talent they will try to achieve unanimity. They are on stage seven, precision and synchronicity steps are incredible. In the end, only Gilbert Rozon does not take them to the semifinals. With three “yes”, they continue the adventure!
Fabienne (43) is partially sighted, with his guide dog Finley she came to present a dance number. ” It’s my passion ,” she announced to David Ginola. Before the jury, Fabienne explains that she can not open her eyes because she is allergic to light, it is going to dance with closed eyes as tea lights are too strong. On Take Me to Church Hozier, the candidate gives 100% in contemporary dance. Emotion is at the rendezvous, but the result seems somewhat “impromptu”. Kamel Ouali not no qualms to point this out from his speech. Gilbert Rozon agrees. In the end, the vote, Fabienne harvest three “yes” … only Gilbert voted no “against the heart.”
Fabienne has indicated she danced alone despite herself (she would find someone to accompany him), Kamel Ouali hastens to join the dance steps with her. The result is magnificent!
Electric Man (59) comes from Serbia and tonight he will play with electricity … as the name suggests! David Ginola insists, do not try to redo what he will do tonight. After his performance launched, Electric Man holds in his mouth a conductive iron bar without any difficulty … He explained this capacity he has to face electricity to dry his skin. Then it takes two iron bars in his hands without a care while a sausage stuck on the end of those is being cooked! The experiences are connected and are alike, jurors are amazed! They leave the passage with a boiled egg and a well cooked sausage … Thank Electric Man!
The candidate leaves with three “yes”.
Blake (36) practices magic for fifteen years and has specialized in the cards. Tonight he has a very well built that number present under the nose of the jurors. Even Eric Antoine who knows enormously was arrested by the talent of the young man! It must be said that he has managed to get the preferred card of Eric Antoine of his fly … Inevitably, it creates links. The magician is selected later.
There are seven hypnotists 25 to 36 years and they will practice their art on many people in the room tonight. Twenty people up on stage (they were tested before going live) and fall asleep to the sound of the voice of the leader of the band. Kamel Ouali is invited to go on stage to walk on the body become hard as iron. An eighth member arrives on stage, he is a bulldog with glasses! Once the dog has his glasses, audience members fall asleep immediately.
Jurors are blown away, the HypnoTeam leaves with four “yes”.
There are seven gentlemen from 25 to 49 years from the Hauts-de-France to give voice. The leader, a teasing strand, do not hesitate to spend his small team for a friendly catho-group celebrating with poetry class and love. Felt against type come … And indeed, once on stage, the seven men sing a good old perfectly harmonized bawdy song, one Sunday morning with my *** could . In the end, only Gilbert Rozon is not packed enough to give them a “yes.” They are selected!
This duo is presenting an electro dance number mixed with contortion. They dance together for ten years and say it is better not to be too close to them when they launch … Indeed, they have long arms that cover up to 1.20 m wide! On stage, the two young men sync, hypnotics, as symbiotic. Gilbert Rozon buzzes booed the public. ” I’m bored, myself ,” said he. In the end, it is the only one to vote “no.” The duo continues the adventure.
Ivan is 39 years old and he came to present a juggling act with footballs. Whether jumping with a jump rope or taking five in his arms, Ivan mastered the course of his balloons. Against all odds, Gilbert Rozon is packed at the sight of this issue that is truly amazing. Kamel Ouali however hated the music used. Ivan leaves with four lovely “yes.”
Our duo has to present a totally crazy number. Halfway between the circus and burlesque, the couple alternates between cutting vegetables and screeches. Peter comes in a leather outfit leaving clear his buttocks and Bambi is very pretty in a very similar outfit … but chaste. Gilbert Rozon buzzes fast enough. Ultimately, Peter crashes (falsely) the arm with a knife and Bambi pretended to be shocked. Eric Antoine is hilarious, Helene Segara afflicted … Gilbert Rozon changes his mind after the performance and tandem leaves with three “yes” except that of Helene Segara.
An army of pretty young girls between 11 and 23 years arrived on stage for an acrobatic gymnastic number. Note that one of them is the niece of David Ginola, but there see no piston! All dressed in pink baby dolls, girls do the show with bold and perfectly mastered figures. It’s clean, it’s synchro, and the girls finish their show, releasing dust of all colors. Visual effect guaranteed! When Gilbert buzzes girls first, David Ginola is loose: ” I’ll type it! ”
In the end, Gilbert Rozon is not packed but the other jurors yes. They are selected!
Jeremy and Lauren will present a very disturbing number visually. ” I am a professional bizarre! Our talent is to scare ,” they drop behind the scenes. Once on stage, Lauren introduces elastic in his nose, Jeremy raises a chair with his eyes before eating pieces of glass … Fortunately David Ginola evacuated the room Children under 12 and people sensitive. In the end, the show proves untenable enough to Helene Segara and Kamel Ouali. ” You violated my brain, you raped my soul ,” said Eric Antoine.
They collect three “yes”, only Helene Segara is not convinced.
So much for that new session of castings. See you next week for the rest of France has an incredible talent !
Next hearings, the latter castings episode attracted 3.4 million viewers until 23h, according to Médiamétrie. The market share stood at 14.7% on individuals than four years old. Over a week, France has an incredible talent attracts more curious 7000 and remains perfectly stable in audience share.