Incroyable Talent 2016: Tal regrets his golden buzzer, Barcode Trio impresses!

Entertainment 30 November, 2016

A breathless semi-final on M6!
After five nights of hearings inLa France a un incroyable talent on M6 – an issue now presented by David Ginola – the jurors Helene Segara , Gilbert Rozon , Kamel Ouali and Eric Anthony are finally ready for the semifinals of the competition!

antonio-dans-incroyable-talent-leThis Tuesday, November 29, candidates from all backgrounds have once again made the trip to try to qualify for the finals and take the check for 100,000 euros promised to the winner. Who are the participants who stood out? Answer now!
The show begins and singer Tal joined the jury for this evening! ” It is a privilege to be here ,” she says from the outset.
Nathan (20 years), is back with a slackline acrobatic number. Unfortunately, he injured the ankle during rehearsals. He rushes still and the audience is carried away by his many pirouettes in the air. Gilbert buzzes the young man in the middle of the delivery but then admits he was wrong … Tal is seduced. Really. She presses the buzzer golden – Nathan demanded much! – And sends it directly to the final! The public exults.
The acrobats trio is back after a first very noticeable benefit. The young woman the trio goes on a flexible bar run by his two comrades and twirls in the air with the sound of a very soft music. It is believed the fly see, it rises to an incredible height, that is rhythmic, it’s beautiful … The four jurors are literally blown away. Tal is also impressed. ” Loved ” unleash Eric Anthony and Gilbert Rozon. Plighted singer one night regret having already offered his golden buzzer Nathan … Barcode Trio is selected for the rest of the program.
The magician is back, Eric Antoine is delighted. Tonight he will deliver a prediction number with a jury member, Helene Segara, which should go on stage with his phone. The magician invites Helena to type multiplication (or division) with random numbers … and must guess the outcome. This is 343.734 and Antonio had just written ahead of a large sheet. This is amazing !
Especially in returning the sheet with this result, we clearly see the word “Hélène” appear. Unbelievable !
Tal then went on stage, the magician talks about his tattoos. He barely touches her arm, and once the singer back his sleeve, it says ” 343.734 ” engraved on his arm. The young artist swears she did nothing and did nothing on his arm before going on stage … It’s a breathtaking performance. Antonio is selected for the final.
The young man of 21, trial specialist, prepared a new number. In his first performance, he had a small crash, this time he is not entitled to error. It will propose a figure that is a world first but admits being injured during his workouts. He refused the plaster to be here tonight!
The performance begins, Kenny string of figures, juggles with the body of his brother lying on the ground and multiplies the acrobatics … In the end, he kept his face the most dangerous: the Flair. He succeeds and explodes with joy. Gilbert Rozon, very impressed, joined Kenny on stage to congratulate him as it should.
Kenny is en route to the final of Got Talent in 2016 .
Ben magician made a strong impression with his mentalism number with a small audience boy. ” I had the impression of seeing the end of a movie ,” blurted Tal.
Freeladerman made its big comeback with his acrobatics on ladders … This time it came with a scale of at least 6 meters! ” It’s scary ,” said the singer seeing the artist climb to the top of the rickety object.
Hugo and Anaïs (13 and 11) were once again wowed the audience with their dance number. The two young islanders wanted to prove to Gilbert that there was no difference in level between them … as the juror had said no without hurting the girl. This time, your technique was impeccable and poetry await you. ” It’s beautiful ,” said Helene Segara.
Florent of Flyng Bebop has once again delivered an impressive dance number in the middle of drones. Only Gilbert Rozon the buzzed. Tal said she was blown away by its connection with the machines.
Diana Antoine and crocodiles were impressed but the jurors were visibly not consider it original enough number to reach the final. Yet when Kimberly crocodile did not want to get into his car, the tension was palpable.
Steevy Djobijoba , who had a lot of fun (42min35) with its jingle dance at the hearings, is back. He dreams of going to Broadway with his art. At worst, it will merely the Palais des Sports Paris he says. As during his first spell, Steevy is hilarious with his dances on the most famous advertising jingles.
Blake Eduardo (36 years) has much to do to exceed the number of another magician of the evening, Antonio. For his day number (a tower with cards), he landed naked on stage. With the help of Eric Antoine, he finds a map previously designated by the juror in a red balloon heart shape. Chapeau!
Fabienne , the visually impaired dancer is ready for this semifinal. During his first visit, she had a lot of improvisation, this time his performance was choreographed. Even without his glasses, Fabienne impressed! ” It’s a real lesson in life ,” said Tal.
The Crazy Cover decided to resume tonight a song of Helene Segara, There are too many people who love you . First metal version by Country, zouk, reggae, funk … Anything goes! The result is nice but do not really deserve to reach the final.
Ivan Radev , master of juggling footballs, proposed a number breathtaking. We even saw three balloons – balancing on a stick he was holding in his hand – turn on each other … Great art!
Bats & Taylor had a hit last week during hearings with their dance near the tektonik. This week they want to impress Gilbert Rozon who had buzzés before regret. The benefit begins, the body rush, extend, intertwine, overlap the sound of captivating electro music. ” It’s great ,” said Kamel Ouali. He even suggests to Tal hire them!
See you next week on M6 for the second episode of the semifinals!
As for hearings, the first of the semi-finals of France has an incredible talent attracted 2.969 million viewers, or 13.3% of market share.