Incroyable Talent 2016: The French Twins, Mario Espanol and Alienette final

Entertainment 7 December, 2016

A semifinal full of promise …
After five nights of breathless hearings inLa France a un incroyable talent on M6 – now a program hosted by David Ginola – the jurors Helene Segara , Gilbert Rozon , Kamel Ouali and Eric Anthony are finally ready for the semifinals of the competition!
This Tuesday, December 6, candidates from all backgrounds have once again made the trip to try to qualify for the finals and take the check for 100,000 euros promised to the winner. Who are the participants who stood out? Answer now!
This week, after the exceptional presence of Tal in the jury is Dave who made his return to the program!
Tony and Jordan have 20 years, they are twins and magicians. At their first pass, the duo has made quite an impression. Eric Antoine had never seen such enthusiasm from the audience for a magic number. For number tonight, Tony and Jordan say they have broken their piggy bank to prepare unforgettable effects. ” We worked like crazy! “, They warn.
Indeed, once on stage, the audience and the jury are on the buttocks. The duo slipped (via a giant screen) in a video game and multiply the towers. The choreography is worked so that the effects shown on the screens are simultaneous with their movements. They must join a girl in his apartment but it appears next to Gilbert Rozon and buzzes! Delivery is complete, the audience goes wild. ” I must say I’m amazed ,” said Gilbert Rozon.
The French Twins will go to the final.
Mario is 22 years old, he was born in Paris but grew up in Switzerland and now lives in Berlin. He will present this evening a dance number and acrobatics. It was his father who passed on this passion, he was a dancer at the Lido . In his semi-final number, it decided to go further in technology … and come on stage with a tub of water. He does not hide it’s a little more dangerous to the figures above the water … it’s slippery!
From the first seconds of the benefit, Kamel Ouali is subdued. ” Oulala it’s beautiful ,” said he. Mario – shirtless – multiplies ambitious figures, water is sprayed on stage throughout his movements, the result is magnificent. Dave, totally in love, activates the buzzer golden … Mario will go to the final and it’s well deserved!
The young visually-impaired singer from the Philippines, has realized his dream of singing in France. ” It was the happiest day of my life ,” she says about the hearings. This time, she decided to try to convince the jury resuming Les Moulins de mon coeur Michel Legrand. Again, the emotion is with go! It’s a standing ovation for the young woman. Aliénette’ll meet in the final.
This artist is 34 years old, he practiced dance (especially hip hop) for the past twenty years. He started to live his passion through the musical The 10 Commandments . He dreams of being able to access the final. His performance starts with impressive arm movements, Gator is very flexible! In a cloud decor, everything is lightness and poetry. Kamel Ouali is glad the young man had listened to his advice by appearing topless … indeed, so we see better the muscles and movements. Gator will be present in the final of Got Talent in 2016 .
Matteo and Louane , offered a new dance performance remarkable. They chose the theme of The Mask! ” It’s a little harder than last time “, they admitted before to jump on stage. A nice moment!
Jonathan Burns (34), real contortionist, made his delivery semifinals managing to get his body in a tennis racket … then a frame.
Aaron Crow , magician, invites Helene Segara on stage. The singer has an apple on his head, he shoots an arrow from the other side of the stage (from a tourniquet), pierces the apple and reached the center of a target. What is his thing?
Paddy & Nico is in the semifinals. The 82-year-dancer hopes to do the show as at the hearings. The element of surprise is gone, she will raise much enthusiasm? The public is indeed conquered but the level is not specially mounted since its first performance.
Simon (11), Magic godson Eric Antoine since the hearings, proposed a new amazing card number. This little guy really has a lot of confidence!
Gabriella Zanchi , the opera singer who was very strong there two weeks with her orgasmic performance (the first sense of the term) again gave voice to the sound I love you me either Serge Gainsbourg. Came with accessories (leather boots, a panther or a whip string), the lovely quadra was again noted.
The members of Cirque company are acrobats, specialized in Korean board and the Chinese pole. Tonight, they mixed the two disciplines with success … but Gilbert Rozon still decides for the buzzer. He did not like the music and the choreography.
Pierrot Buto : The moving all white Pierrot returned to deliver a performance full of poetry between dance and theater … Unfortunately, he wipes a buzz of Gilbert Rozon from the first seconds of her performance. Kamel Ouali did not like either.
The hypnoteam is back! Hypnotists are seven and a bulldog ready to face the new challenge of controlling the minds of many spectators. Very soon they fell asleep feeling many people in the audience … whether falling into the arms of their neighbors or by gently putting his head on their shoulder. ” It’s so cute ,” said Kamel Ouali. Some members of the public (conditioned upstream of course, too) rushed on stage seeing Darwin landed the English bulldog team. They are crazy in love with the magic of hypnosis!
But it was not enough to convince the jury to send them in the final …
Next hearings , the second semi-final was attended by 3.3 million viewers. The market share stood at 14.9% on individuals than four years old. Over a week, the show gained 300,000 curious and 1.6 points of audience share. Chapeau!
See you next week for the final on M6! We will discover the ultimate performance Antonio, Barcode Trio, Gator, Jessie & Vivien, Kenny Thomas, Leah The French Twins, Mario Espanol, Mickaël, Nathan and Saulo.