Ingrid Chauvin and Lola Marois to meet Father Christmas at La Défense

Both moms have probably done some tracking for gifts for their children …
lola-marois-bigard-et-ingrid-chauvinA month before Christmas, everyone turns to the preparations for the big day, Thursday, November 24th, onlookers were able to attend the opening of the Christmas market in the Esplanade de La Defense. It saw actresses Ingrid Chauvin and Lola Marois.
This time it’s gone and time is the early Christmas shopping, between fir garlands, decorative balls and gifts. Parisians are very lucky because the region has a variety of markets dedicated solely to this long-awaited moment of the year, whether on the Champs Elysees , the Forum des Halles and La Défense. For the latter, too, had to rely on a few personalities delighted to take part in the inauguration. So we saw the actress Ingrid Chauvin, all smiles between the stands and posing even with Santa, nothing to be desired his little Tom and Lola Marois, mom Bella and Jules , who was accompanied by her Lou sister, the facilitator Jérôme Anthony or Smaïn Julien ( Secret Story 7 ), Florian Hessique, Marie-Celie Guillaume (Director General of Defense) …
The Christmas market of La Défense stands until December 27 and claims to be the largest Christmas Village d’Ile-de-France with 250 exhibitors, among them, demonstrating a commitment to openness to the world, Moroccan craftsmen, Nepalese, Quebec and Russian dolls. And for the gourmands: a scraper bar, fondue, chocolate and mulled wine.

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