Ingrid Chauvin: very watchful mom for her little Tom

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

She experienced the worst for a parent: the loss of a child. Less than three years after the tragic death of his little Jade at the age of 5 months, the actress, mom again, to ensure that nothing happens to her little Tom, born in June …

chauvinouvsipaThis is a first relief. Born on June 10, his little Tom has just celebrated its first five months of life. For Ingrid Chauvin, this anniversary was a fateful course . In early November, the actress, shattered by the death of his daughter Jade at the same age, confided without buckling site “I dread the fifth month. I struggle to project myself further , I feel like it does not exist. So I live day by day, trying to make the most. ”
Freed from this worry that, with the approach of November 10, darkened his Parisian apartment light shades and forced him to never leave the baby look , the author of Believing in happiness (Plon) has gradually been returning to red carpets. on the stage of the NRJ Music Awards to present an award at the Twenty one Pilots group, November 12, she was still at Disneyland Paris this weekend of November 19 to celebrate the opening of the Christmas season.
Convinced that Tom is “a gift” to his daughter Jade , Ingrid does not however cover with her husband Thierry Peythieu , they will “never like other parents. ” ” The trauma is excessive and is monitored Tom, we’re very protective ” , she has told
Although mother of a baby “in good shape” , “very awake” and “Happy” , which sometimes gives “the impression that he does everything to (them) and help (the) reassure” , the actress has hired two nurses as nannies. “I have great need to be reassured and leave quietly when I am away” , she justifies.
The loss of her first baby will not ever taboo in her family , she said. During her second pregnancy, Ingrid has regularly spoken to Tom Jade. “There are pictures of her sister in the house as well as hers. I really want him to know of the existence of her sister, but certainly not make it bear the pain that I feel every day. I want it to be natural, and he understands that this is our history ” she concludes.