Inhumans: Everything you know about the new Marvel series with Iwan Rheon (Game of Thrones)!

Cinema 19 June, 2017

It only arrives in September on ABC but in the meantime, discover everything you need to know about the new Marvel series.
Novelties, always new and especially the world of superheroes. While we wondered some time ago if the new Marvel series were going to shade those of DC Comics , today it is on Inhumans that we will concentrate. Drawn from the eponymous comic, Inhumans arrives on September 1 in IMAX in the United States and it will run for two weeks before starting on ABC on September 22 for 8 episodes . For the connoisseurs of the Marvel universe , the Inhumans have already been introduced in season 2 of Agents of SHIELD and should also have their own film next year.
If no official trailer has been unveiled yet, Marvel has broadcast some teasers to put us in the mouth, and as you can see above, it works rather well. As for casting, some heads may seem familiar to you as Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) under the guise of Black Bolt, head of the Inhuman Royal Family and king of Attilan, the land of the Inhumans . His power lies in his voice, whose simple whispering can cause the worst destruction. But this mysterious person does not speak and communicates by sign language. Iwan Rheon, the terrible Ramsay Bolton of Game of Thrones, will be Maximus, an Inhuman devoted to his people who want to become king instead of his brother, Black Bolt.
Bolt and Queen of Attilan who controls her hair. Eme Ikwuakor will have the role of Gorgon, Black Bolt’s cousin and leader of the Attilan army who can create seismic waves with his hooves. Isabelle Cornish / Crystal, Ken Leung / Karnak, Ellen Woglom, Sonya Balmores / Auran and Mike Moh / Triton will also be part, mostly members of the Black Bolt family. The pet of the Inhuman Royal Family, Lockjaw, will also be in the series for fans’ greatest pleasure . Indeed this huge dog has the ability to teleport and, in the comics, serves them as means of transport as flight. While waiting for further information, Discovers thanks to our quiz if you are incollable on the superheroes Marvel and DC Comics ! So, are you eager to discover the series?