Investments of the ugliest products of the cinema, it piques the eyes

Cinema 19 May, 2017

A little serious gentlemen, because there it becomes nimp ‘.
“Product placement is defined as any form of audiovisual commercial communication consisting of including, referring to, inserting a product, service or trademark into a program for payment or other consideration . ” That is the definition of the CSA that ensures that the rules are respected in the media in France. Generally speaking, the law is much less flexible in our country than in the States, where all fantasies seem permissible . Just see the number of barely concealed placements that squat the US movies.
Transformers 4
The product placement champion in 2014 with no less than 55 brands visible on screen. At the same time, its director Michael Bay is a great regular, he who already took the palm in 2011 with the previous part of “Transformers” . Concretely, we see a bit of everything in this 2h45 (!) Film: Goodyear, BudLight, Beats … each time distilled with the discretion that so well characterizes Michael Bay …
Jurassic World
The film certainly shows more brands on the screen than dinosaurs. With Mercedes-Benz ahead. The German displacement is still everywhere. Just like the Samsung phones that work through the operator Verizon . The funniest part is that in the movie, everything goes into a spin because of a fault in the system of amusement park managed by … Samsung. So potentially a counterproductive pub for the South Korean firm.
I Robot
A long version advertisement for Audi and Converse. The bludgeoning of the brand of sapes, supposed to represent the coolness in 2035 (period of the film), is so obvious that it becomes almost embarrassing.
Alone in the world
As for the Jurassic World example , it may be surprising that FedEX has signed to be responsible for a disaster. It is indeed a plane chartered by the company that crashes off an uninhabited island with the employee Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) as sole survivor. Omnipresent during the film via packages stranded on the beach, FedEX finally achieved a master stroke by popularizing its brand throughout the world. The same goes for Wilson, who is henceforth forever associated with Robert Zemeckis’s cult film.
“When a big bug comes in from the ground, we’re good for Evolution!” . Yeah, the cartoon was pretty cool and had at least the merit of not being polluted by the investments. Unlike the 2001 film with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore, which is directly sponsored by Head & Shoulders. It is thanks to the shampoo that the team of scientists succeeded in smoking the final monster #Normal. Even farther in horror, the film ends up squarely on a pub for the shampoo in the biggest calms.
There, we almost reach the limit of the model. “The Interns” gives us the embarrassing impression of being in front of a film ordered by Google, in which Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are luxury VRPs. Dream atmosphere, dynamic team, delusional local, etc … the giant Moutain View could not dream of a better promotional clip.
The Italian Job
Those who have made sure that the real star of the film is neither Mark Wahlberg nor Charlize Theron: it’s the Mini Cooper . The brand, which is part of the BMW group, saw its sales increase by 22% the year of release of the film. A real robbery.
Sex and The City
“From the start, we have positioned this film as a Superbowl in the feminine” . Chris Carlisle, marketing director of New Line Cinema, never hesitated : one of the stated aims of the film adaptation of “Sex & The City” was to place as many brands as possible on the screen . Successful mission, the list of sponsors is long: Vitaminwater, Mercedes-Benz, Bag Borrow or Steal, Skyy vodka, Coty perfumes …
Everyone inevitably remembers this scene: When Elliott manages to attract the alien to his home by putting candy on the floor. Reese’s Pieces sweets, which has secured the biggest hit in its history, as the company has increased its profits by 65% ​​in the wake. For the record, it should be noted that originally Steven Spielberg wanted to use M & M’s, but ran into the refusal of parent company Mars. They had hollow nose guys …
Back to the Future
When you get your first pair of pumps (which are not Atemi)
One thinks of course to the DeLorean, that the film made mythical, whereas the mark was moribund at that time. But also to the multiple scenes with Pepsi, which became a force of a kind of running-gag . This is evidenced by the tasty dialogue in the first film where Marty, who has just landed in the past, orders the bar a “Pepsi diet” (without sugars). The bartender replies that if he is on the diet, it is better to avoid the Pepsi. Way to say that the brand has evolved since. And how to talk about RVLF, without mentioning the pair of futuristic Nike, whose firm at swoosh put 1500 pairs on sale in 2011 for the modest sum of 7500 dollars.
Very Bad Trip
He has armored parents, Alan is like you and me, he walks with fake
In this particular case, we can not really talk about product placement. Do you remember Louis Vuitton suitcases dragged by Allan’s son (Zack Galifianakis) in Very Bad Trip 2? (At the same time, they are not very discreet). Well the French luxury brand has filed a complaint against the Warner because it was counterfeit . A trial finally lost. Quoted by Reuters, the New York judge said in his verdict that “it was unlikely that many spectators were aware that the bag, which was on the screen for less than 30 seconds, was a copy or they thought that Louis Vuitton had approved the use of Diophy bag by Warner Bros. ” .
James Bond
Over the decades, the James Bond saga has become a master in the art of selling to advertisers. Agent 007 became a real man-sandwich that brands tear. Seducer, manly, intelligent, at ease with new technologies and amateur of big cars, the man meets all the criteria of the male alpha. It rolls in Aston Martin (or BMW in Goldeneye), wears a Rolex or Omega, uses a Sony smartphone, drinks vodkas-Martini with shaker …
World War Z
One of the ugliest placements in history: surrounded by zombies, Brad Pitt finds a way to sip a Pepsi tranquillou , before releasing cans as an offering to the monsters, who prefer to gorge themselves in sugars instead of Eating Angelina’s ex. #WTF.