IPhone 7 More in the hands, Booba appears in Ünkut in his Rolls-Royce

Entertainment 1 February, 2017

Booba regale us on Instagram. The 92i rapper displayed a total Ünkut look in his Rolls Royce Wraith oklm, with an iPhone 7 Plus in his hands. Izi!
B2O impresses! When it does not reveal its own line of emojis via the application Emojizi or new sapes signed Ünkut, the interpreter of DKR is the soft flow. OKLM in Miami, Booba does not hesitate to feed his Instagram account with unpublished photographs. True iPhone addict, the French MC often appears with the headed smartphone. There are a few months, he had such chambered Rohff by watching one of his videos on an iPhone … . And today we finally managed to identify the phone of the DUC who took the pose in his personalized Rolls Royce and did not hesitate to swing a new punchline.
In its sumptuous Rolls-Royce Wraith personalized brilliantly by Eagles Motorsport , Booba is wearing the last of the saps of Ünkut SS17 collection is currently available in the e-shop of his clothing brand. The publication of the DUC is decorated with a punchline as a caption “On a scale of 1 to 10 are on escabot ” (B2O if you read us, it’s spelled “stepladder” huh). But it was the telephone of the 92i Veyron interpreter that caught our attention. Featuring a dual camera sensor at the back, the smartphone would B2O an iPhone 7 Plus . Like what, even the bear of the mountain of Tallac is a real eater of “Apple”. And you morray, are you rather iOS or Android?