Iris Mittenaere and the old Miss get married at the wedding of Sylvie Tellier!

Entertainment 19 July, 2017

It was in an idyllic setting that Sylvie Tellier married last weekend. It is in the company of former Miss France and Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenenaere that she said “yes”.

It is a no-fault reign for Iris Mittenaere. Having successfully worn the crown of Miss France 2016, the young woman proudly wears the scarf of Miss Universe 2016. Ultra sexy in the United States, Iris Mitteneare unveils her new daily in the American city on social networks. But his busy schedule does not prevent him from attending the unique events that are close to his heart. After parading for Jean Paul Gaultier at Paris Fashion Week, the beauty queen headed to the south of France to attend the wedding of Sylvie Tellier. The Miss were at the rendezvous for a ceremony more heavenly than ever …

It is on the island of Porquerolles, in the south of France, that Sylvie Tellier and her husband said “yes” to a crowd of guests. If she remained very discreet about the ceremony, it is indeed the old Miss France who unveiled behind the scenes of this event. There are Iris Mitteneare, Camille Cerf (Miss France 2015), Alexandra Rosenfeld, Rachel Legrain-Trapani, Marine Lorphelin and Chloe Mortaud. In any case, after his moving message to his family, Iris Mittenaere, Miss Universe 2016, left an adorable word to the happy bride. One thing is certain, the former Miss France seem to have had fun during this weekend marriage.