Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016: «Little, I wanted to dress my dolls like Elodie Gossuin»

Entertainment 11 January, 2017

Iris Mittenaere, Miss France 2016, has always dreamed before the crowns and scarves of the most beautiful women in France.
” I dreamed of being a singer – I was listening loop and Jenifer Nolwenn Leroy – or dancer – I was a fan of Kamel Ouali . Around the age of six or seven, I imagined myself as an adult, sharing my time between singing and dancing on weekends, and dentist work the rest of the week. ” Iris Mittenaere did not follow the way she thought. Having become Miss France 2016, the young woman has moved away from the career of singer and dancer she dreamed of. However, she reveals in Gala already, little, she admired Miss France – especially Elodie Gossuin. ” I watched the election of Miss France on TV. I clearly remember the day when Elodie Gossuin was awarded the crown. She asked for a clothing brand, Vêti, and I wanted to dress my Barbie dolls as she . I loved to dress up. ”
Fifteen years later, Iris Mittenaere no longer needs to disguise herself to be Miss – but she is still very much on horseback in the outfits related to this function. Alicia Aylies , who succeeded him in 2017 , made fresh when issuing Daily : when she had to remove her scarf to please Yann Barthes , it was aa quickly called to orde by Iris Mittenaere . We do not laugh with the protocol!