Iris Mittenaere Miss Universe 2016: 3 good reasons to follow her on social networks

Entertainment 26 June, 2017

The Miss Universe is followed by many Internet users on the Web. And if you’re not part of the band yet, you’re given 3 good reasons to follow Iris Mittenaere on social networks.
Lately, the Miss Universe 2016, Iris Mittenaere unveiled ultra sexy photos of her trip to Los Angeles on the Web. The young woman was then discovered in a swimsuit, or even posing in a very sensual dress on the terrace of a cafe. It can not be denied, Iris Mittenaere is literally sublime. This is why the Miss Universe 2016 attracts many Internet users on social networks. On his Instagram account for example, the star holds no less than 1.1 million followers , nothing but that. It must be said that with his perfect life, there is something to make us jealous and we put our eyes full. But if you are not yet convinced to be part of his community,
1 – She will make you travel. And yes, being Miss Universe has very (very) many advantages, and trips to the four corners of the world are part of it. From the city of New York where Iris Mittenaere currently resides, passing through Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia and Europe, thanks to her you will discover magnificent landscapes.
2- Because it is really fun. One might tend to think that Misses are sometimes a little too wise. But for Iris Mittenaere, who recently confided in her celibacy , this is not at all the case. She has humor, she likes to party, and her pictures are really cool.
3- Finally, third and last good reason to follow the Miss Universe 2016 on the Web, it is of course to admire its beauty and its dream body. Because we must admit it, Iris is a real canon. She loves to reveal her sexy side very regularly, and we and we love it! And you what do you think ?