Iris Mittenaere (Miss Universe) single, she expresses herself on her break

Entertainment 26 June, 2017

If Iris Mittenaere confirmed that she was recently unmarried, the young woman once again surrendered on her recent break. The beautiful Miss Universe spoke about her celibacy …
The life of Iris Mittenaere is not the same for two years. The beautiful Lille has experienced a big change in her life when she was elected Miss France 2016 . His year of reign had no clash and it was this example that led him to a new victory. Five months ago, we discovered that our Miss France 2016 had been crowned Miss Universe . The young woman has earned her crown and her first steps in the heels of Miss Universe 2016 are incensed. However, the pretty brunette had to face the “Miss Curse” . As a couple for several years, she recently announced her celibacy. In a whole new interview, Iris Mittenaere gave more details on her break with her former boyfriend.
At the beginning of June, Iris Mittenaere had confided that she was now a heart to take to the magazine Gala . The distance and timetable of the new Miss Universe were right in his relationship with Matthieu, who had been sharing his life for four years. Not long ago, the 24-year-old woman spoke with the Swiss daily newspaper Le Matin , who wanted to know more about her separation. Our beauty queen immediately gives the tone by declaring: “It is not something negative to be single” . That is well said. She then confided in her personal life: “When you know someone and your life changes completely in a year.