Iris Mittenaere reveals the beauty secrets of a Miss Universe Gala

Entertainment 25 August, 2017


Always radiant, Iris Mittenaere proves in each of his appearances that you can be natural and sexy. Just as generous, she has just revealed all her little secrets to be at the top of his form and beauty.

At only 24 years-old, Iris Mittenaere can boast to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Elected Miss Universe on January 30, 2017 in the Philippines, the young woman is always fresh and dapper in his public appearances and, despite his hectic schedule. But what are her beauty secrets ? When asked by the New women’s issues, Iris has admitted to being “not bad helped ” and have the “chance” to have a stylist make-up artist who advises to showcase his natural charm. Conscious of his hair and his complexion , it also goes to the hairdresser and beauty shop at least once per month.

Its status as a Miss Universe requiring her to travel regularly to the four corners of the world, Iris Mittenaere use also a technique to “look rested and full of sparkle” to each of his arrivals at the airport : “Use a mask face and eyes during every trip by plane to rejuvenate his skin and stay hydrated during the flight “.

Another tip and not least, Iris Mittenaere applies to the sport between “three to four times per week ” thanks to the assistance of a coach. Sports seasoned, the future dentist especially likes to run and take yoga active. Of activities that allow him to feel good in her skin, but also in his head. “I need it, it allows me to refocus (…) It is necessary for me to push myself, to discover my limits, to the point of exhaustion. I need it “.

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Iris Mittenaere

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