Iron Fist: 3 good reasons to binge-watcher series this weekend!

Cinema 16 March, 2017

The new series of Marvel, Iron Fist arrives tomorrow morning on Netflix. Then discover 3 reasons to jump on the series!
Tomorrow, Iron Fist, the new series of Marvel will finally be available on Netflix and in its entirety in addition! That means that we will have 13 episodes to put in our teeth and this falls rather well since the weekend arrives. After Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage , it is now the turn of Iron Fist to make his presentation and make us discover his New York universe. If you still need to be convinced to watch the new series of Marvel and Netflix, the editor of melty offers you three arguments of choice to remedy it. Reason # 1: Iron Fist is the last of the Defenders . If you watched the other three Marvel series produced by Netflix, And that you are looking forward to the Defenders series – like us – the viewing of Iron Fist seems inevitable to understand how this fourth superhero was born. Fans of other shows will then be delighted to explore the mythology of the universe a little more, besides the series still offer a new and original point of view of the characters in comparison with the comics.
Reason 2: A darker hero and a lighter tone . If you found the first three series from the collaboration between Marvel and Netflix too dark and hard, know that Ironic Fist does not take this route at all. Notably because his main character, Danny Rand is much more naive and candid than Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. Finn Jones offers us a very endearing superhero and it is certainly what sets apart the series of his pairs. Reason # 3: This is Netflix! If there is something we have learned over the last few years, Netflix is ​​certainly a guarantee of quality. The other series of the franchise have been very successful, Each getting an extra season – or even two as far as Daredevil is concerned – or even a spin-off! While waiting for tomorrow, know that you can already have a little preview of what awaits you when viewing the trailer of Iron Fist , on melty. Will you watch the series?