Is Django the new Nekfeu?

Entertainment 20 June, 2017

While it already accumulates several million views on Youtube, the rapper Django shows a lot of similarities with a certain Nekfeu.
In France, we like to say “the new”. One can not help but compare. That’s how it is in our culture. And of course, rap does not escape: we no longer count the number of new Booba (Kaaris, Damso …), or new Eminem (Orelsan, Vald …). For Nekfeu, who has just validated Highlander by S.Pri Noir , it is the same: having become a headliner of the rap game with the enormous success of Fire , then the even more enormous one of Cyborg , it now occupies a niche in Which could include several small new ones like the Belgian Roméo Elvis, or even his buddy Lomepal. Django, a very promising young shoot, is one of those.
In particular, the multi-syllabic, this way of linking rhymes in a very fast way, Nekfeu, who could soon be back with a new album with 1995 , is a little despite himself becoming the representative of the genre. So inevitably, when you hear Django’s accelerated flow in “Fichu” or “Birds” for example, it’s hard not to think of the member of L’Entourage. Especially with his voice timing, his gimmicks, his retro aesthetic clips and his long-haired / hipster look, he does nothing to fix things … Others also compare him to SCH, especially for his gesture one Little chelou way Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean.
But as for the resemblances between Django and Nekfeu, who is in the casting of another film after All separates us , the comparison stops there: the young and mysterious rapper, who never gave an interview for Has its own characteristics. One thinks in particular of the many cultural references that he makes, which are rather pleasant for some, but which are also sometimes reproached to him by others, in particular because there are too many. While we do not know if it will soon release a first solo project or not, we would be curious to hear it on songs more personal and less freestyles. A first project that would contain a feat with Nekfeu? It would not displease us, quite the contrary …