Isabelle Adjani exchange head: His best haircuts

Entertainment 14 December, 2016

The legendary French actress appears more beautiful than ever in Marrakech where a tribute was paid to him.
This weekend, Isabelle Adjani was the star of the Marrakech film festival. The famous French actress, who is with the poster of Carole Matthew cinema, was the subject of a tribute. The actress was displayed emotion and radiant , while revealing a new haircut cooling effect. Rejuvenated, beautiful blue-eyed brunette opted for a disorganized and found a square fringe that comes up regularly in her hair choices.
A few days earlier, at a party Vanity Fair , she quietly asked with a strict square implying that it was a wig. A hair makeover that arises as a great opportunity to revisit the beautiful hairstyles of divine Isabelle Adjani and how her brown hair was a definite asset to the beauty star.
This will go up in 1973, when she played The School for Women at the French Comedy, where the young Isabelle sported long hair and flamboyant, through 1976 and the square to the Tenant , curly hair when Caesar best actress for Camille Claudel (1989), the short version at Cannes 1997, the switch to red in 2005 or graying hair in David et madame Hansen (2008). As many looks to find in our slideshow above.