Isabelle Boulay, mother hen, and “very concerned” for his son : “All my decisions are based on Marcus” – Gala

Entertainment 13 September, 2017


Isabelle Boulay is a mother very worried. The priority of the singer with the huge career remains his son Marcus, aged 9 years. “It is always necessary that I the way that I know of where it is located”, says the interpreter of Your story , and a true mother hen.

Fans of Isabelle Boulay have not forgotten the face of Marcus, his son, aged almost 9 years. This last appears in the video of the singer for his title Song for the winter months, released in 2009. Today, the interpreter of 45 years has a relationship always also fused with his toddler. True mother hen, she admits to being difficult to separate from Marcus in an interview with the magazine Paris Capital in its September issue. “As I am very worried, it is always necessary that I the way, I know where it is”, she says. The singer undertakes, however, not to convey to him his fears : “I try not to show him, to give him the freedom not to stifle it and make it fearful.”

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that the profession of Isabelle Boulay requires the mother hen and her son to separate. During these difficult times, the singer takes the news of Marcus on a very regular basis. “I phone them at least two times per day. I’ve given up on Skype because, strangely, the fact that I see on the screen made it even more sad”, is moved. Despite his amazing career, the priority of Isabelle Boulay remains his son.Marcus is at the heart of my life. All my decisions are based on him and I never will accept of the concert, as prestigious as it is, that would require me to not be with him during the holidays”, clarifies it.

The merger between the star and the apple of his eyes is such that they share the same passion : music. ” At his request and because he loves music – Marcus already plays the violin and the piano, I enrolled in a school to vocation of music “, welcomes Isabelle Boulay. When a duo ?

Isabelle Boulay

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