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Entertainment 17 January, 2018


After the film, Isabelle Carré embarks on a new project : a novel. In ” The Dreamers “, she tells the story and imagine his childhood, not always easy in a family anything but conventional.

One cannot choose his family. Small, Isabelle Carré dreamed of a family ” classic, banal “. It has been quite the opposite. Her experience so special it has inspired a novel, The Dreamers, now available in bookstores. Over the pages, she tells of her past, the daughter of a man who couldn’t assume her sexual orientation, and to a mother abandoned by the father of her child, before its birth.

In the columns of the magazine Marie Claire, she says : “children are conservative. They love that their father in a classic suit and that their mother was in a skirt and heels. In any case, in my time. “A facet of his personality that has not prevented it from exploring the environment in which evolved his father :” It helped me to understand very young in the mid-homosexual. “A subject that she had already mentioned at the microphone of France Inter :” the figure of The father of homo does not exist, neither in the literature nor in movies. What about children of gays ? I also needed to write this book in order to make exist this figure. ”

His childhood has not always been easy, and she confided to the women’s magazine, have suffered : “I have a lot of trouble understanding the lack of curiosity of my parents about the discomfort that they caused in me. I have suffered from busy parents to find their own paths. “The result of this suffering ? A suicide attempt, while she was only 14 years old, and a stay in a psychiatric hospital, a new event on its way : “Spend weeks in the middle of young people completely destroyed has been difficult “, she says : it has long struggled to reach out to others. Even if she concedes : “I learned so much about me. And then, this is where I decided to try to be an actress. ”

Fuller today, at age 46, the actress has not written this book as a “settling of accounts” with his parents : “It also shows the great richness and complexity of their common life. “Even if only his mother is present in the acknowledgments, of which his father is largely absent.


Isabelle Carré

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