Issa Doumbia & Thomas Soliveres manage an old colo in the trailer of Sales Gosses

Cinema 11 May, 2017

The summer is not going to happen exactly as planned for Thomas Solivérès who will end up managing the VIP members of the club of the 3rd age.
Colo monitor, for a first taff it’s pretty cool! Activated, meetings, young people and memories … One can remember a summer in colo all our lives, except when nothing goes as planned. Yes, the first trailer of the comedy Sales Gosses has just been unveiled and we find there a Thomas Solivérès, soon to the poster of the movie Mon Poussin , in full calvary. While he was thinking of finding himself with young people determined to enjoy their summer thoroughly, he finds himself in the middle of the Club of the 3rd age and inevitably the atmosphere changes slightly. Will he pass a dirty summer? Not necessarily !
Yes, as you can see in the trailer the old ones (with the respect they owe, of course), are not at all rest. It’s not because you’re over 20 years old that you do not want to enjoy life anymore, even if the activities are not the same! If Alex is not going to spend the summer he had imagined, he will still be very busy because as the trailer shows, there is no age to be a dirty kid!