It hosts a parasitic worm of nearly 2 meters after eating sushi

Health 21 January, 2018

Photo of Diphyllobothrium non-contractual (Prometheus, Ridley Scott)

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Stomachs sensitive, refrain. The story of the day comes to us from an emergency physician the american, through the issue of podcast medical “It won’t hurt a bit” (ironic title). A man of 30 years presented to the emergency room in Fresno, California, for stomach cramps and bloody diarrhoea, by claiming a de-worming treatment. In front of the doctor, a little moved, he unwrapped a strong argument : a long, white worm wrapped around a roll of toilet paper…

The following story is told by the er physician in question, Dr. Kenny Bahn to the hospital in Fresno. Crippled with stomach pain, the man had taken advantage of a stay in the toilet to indulge in some exploration. In the Face of what looked like “a piece of intestine” emerging from his posterior, he held the track to see the light. Before you realize that the “hose” frétillait yet.

The 1.70 m of happiness

In the end, it is a specimen of parasitic worm dish that the patient was putting in her womb. Once unrolled, it was something like 1.70 m long, the height of an adult man. The patient is left with a de-worming treatment, to the extent that other specimens would have considered it appropriate to take up residence in her womb.

But where was the worm ? In all likelihood, it is a Diphyllobothrium, or fish tapeworm. A great lover of japanese food the patient consumed almost daily sushi and sashimi. However, the raw salmon from the Pacific, if it is not dealt with properly (by freezing), is likely to be the host of the larvae of Diphyllobothrium. Once in its final host, it can grow up to measure ten metres long.

Not a reason to stop the sushi

Fortunately, this type of worm is not found in the european salmon, reminiscent of the Agency health security (Anses) in its fact sheet dedicated. Like most japanese restaurants source their salmon from Norway, it is possible to continue to eat sushi in France without much of a second thought, and this as well as the health standards are strict. However, it is advisable to pay attention if we consume salmon caught yourself, especially around lake Geneva.

In general, any consumption of raw meat – beef, pork, fish – carries a risk, small but real, to contract parasites food. Better and freeze the fish before consumption, in order to prevent other parasites, such as anisakis, a small larva responsible for indigestion severe. (Most of the cases take place in Japan or Australia, but there are a few, a Portuguese had had the honour of a publication in the BMJ Case Reports.) The Pasteur Institute of Lille, recommends a stay of one week at -20 °C.

At worst, parasitic infections are generally mild, and de-worming to be effective. Remains the psychological aspect… And for the photos, go HERE and HERE. Good appetite.