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Entertainment 20 December, 2017

Emmanuel Macron

In a column published by VSD, the writer Philippe Besson, a great friend of Emmanuel Macron, said that the presidential couple emerge strengthened from these first months in power. Always closer and more accomplices, Emmanuel and Bridget Macron manage to juggle with skill between public life and privacy.

Without doubt they were afraid for their couple. Because the power has a tendency to burn up everything around him : the time, of course, but also the intimacy, the romance, the family relationships… Their entourage has surely warned : the love and the Elysée are not always good bedfellows. And yet. After seven months at the top of the State, Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte seems to be more close, more accomplices than ever. Thing valuable, they have managed to keep a little bit of time for them.

And after the writer Philippe Besson, a friend of the couple and author of the book A character in a novel,who has been writing for the weekly magazine VSD, the president would be even ” more than ever, the husband of Brigitte “. As if the experience of power – its requirements, its challenges, its pace, had made that bring people closer together.

According to his friend writer, Emmanuel Macron repeats regularly : ” It is me. To me, this is it. “A formula radical that shows absolute fusion of the couple. In addition, the president relies heavily on his wife, with every decision he must take.“More than ever, Emmanuel knows how the reassuring presence of Brigitte and his franchise are necessary and useful”, explains Philippe Besson. The immense popularity of the first lady with the French also participates in the strengthening of their relationship. Under the charm, the public accepts with benevolence the implication of Brigitte Macron at the side of her husband, and welcomes the influence that it exerts on him… ” Yes, decidedly, it was in the bowl, this type-there “, concludes Philippe Besson in speaking of the president.

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