It is nice Obama with his speech but there is much better (and shorter) to look at in the matter

Cinema 11 January, 2017

It’s true, a fucking monologue that sends heavy is still the class. And in a movie, boom, it scales it all up there.

So there’s everything, no jealous. All these discourses are evidently touching, poignant, while each having a peculiarity: motivation, madness, lucidity, honesty, humanism, equality, bellicosity, bravery …
Al Pacino / Tony D’Amato in “The Hell of Sunday”

Leonardo Di Caprio / Jordan Belfort in “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Morgan Freeman / Red Redding in “The Escapees”

Sylvester Stallone / Rocky Balboa in “Rocky Balboa”

Will Smith / Chris Gardner in “In the pursuit of happiness”

Robin Williams / Sean Maguire in “Will Hunting”

Charlie Chaplin / Adenoid Hynkel in “The Dictator”

The sound of Hans Zimmer is added and obviously not part of the original film. Which of these speeches makes you vibrate?
Sean Penn / Harvey Milk in “Harvey Milk”

George C.Scott / General Patton in “Patton”

David Wenham / Dilios in “300”

Mel Gibson / William Wallace in “Braveheart”

Al Pacino / Frank Slade in “The Time of a Weekend”