It’s the end between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

katy-perry-and-orlando-bloomBad news for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. According to reports InTouch magazine, the lovebirds would be separated and would not be on good terms.

According to relatives of Orlando Bloom, the 39 year-old actor has decided to terminate its relationship with Katy Perry shortly after Halloween by saying he was not ready to get married and have children.
Recall that Orlando Bloom is already father of a little 5 year old boy, Flynn, from his relationship with Miranda Kerr.

Katy Perry, meanwhile, have said they were not at the same stage in their life and it was time for her to go on his way without him, even if she loves.
After 10 months of relationship, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom may have chosen to separate, but the racy photographs of the couple traveling never disappear .